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War Dogs


It was my absolute honour and privilege to work with the very talented Pete Hernandez III (RIP), who was a writer and illustrator, known for the Company Man series of graphic novels. Pete released War Dogs (trailer below) in 2017, in which I feature as the lead alongside some fantastic talent in an all Asian cast in this gripping story. 

The narrative and imagery are second to none. I am excited to announce the release of Book 1.

*I will keep this page here as a tribute to Pete. I'm exceptionally proud to be one of his War Dogs, but more importantly, his friend. He was honestly the best artist I ever knew.

Please check out his artwork in the following links and like his page on Facebook

War Dogs Graphic Novel

The Artwork of Pete Hernandez III Facebook Page

Check out the Oxford Mail article here: 

Myself with Pete Hernandez III and Feizal Mowlabocus

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