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Aiki Budo Alliance


The Aiki Budo Alliance is a martial arts association with over 15,000 members, led by Sensei Nick Gurdawar Chand. The ABA organises events, workshops and gatherings for martial artists to connect, support, network and collaborate with each other for charitable causes across the UK, with plans to expand internationally and has been in operation since 2021.


Whilst the ABA started with a group of Aikido clubs, it has expanded and now includes schools from other disciplines, such as JuJitsu, Hapkido, Iaido, Kung Fu and Kickboxing, to name a few. In 2022, the ABA celebrated its first year anniversary with an expo in Wolverhampton.


My relationship with ABA started when I taught a series of weapons seminars in 2021 for Sensei Nick, who made me an ambassador. As such, I aim to promote inclusivity and open mindedness within the martial arts, to promote exchanges of knowledge and experience amongst all disciplines in this ever growing family. Sensei Nick and I have also helped organise and facilitate a series of Fight Like A Girl workshops in the West Midlands with Sifu Della O'Sullivan.  

Together, Sensei Nick and I have been closely working together to organise more expos and shows, with one that happened in November 2022, which I proudly sponsored.

If you are a school and would like to join the Aiki Budo Alliance, or would like teach or be a sponsor at one of our events, get in touch with Sensei Nick via phone or email.

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