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The Life Leadership Paragon is a synergistic model coined by one of my former mentors, Dr Douglas Kelley, which I have found to be an exceptionally powerful methodology in order to improve our lives and realise our potentials to reach an ongoing state of self completeness; it is something I practice and have personally reaped the benefits from its application. Having previously worked as a counsellor, coach, performance psychologist and other pastoral and supportive roles, I regularly referred to this model to help others, whilst continuing to strive for improvements in my own life. The three main principles to practice ourselves as well as to teach our young are:

  1. Accept yourself unconditionally

  2. Take responsibility for everything you do, past, present and future

  3. Respect the free will of others

llp-new12-05 (1).png

The above are underpinned by the guiding principle of kindness and doing no harm. These principles can be expanded and applied to every situation that concerns ourselves and others. Accepting ourselves unconditionally means not being in an adversarial and oppositional relationship with ourselves. It also refers to the understanding that we are works in progress, striving to improve, knowing ourselves and our boundaries, whilst working towards a healthy self esteem. Violence and any other harmful acts will never be acceptable, which is why we must take responsibility and be held accountable for our own actions, understanding their consequences and not just be sorry when caught. Respecting the free will of others is something many people struggle with, which is essential because nobody ever has the right to impose themselves onto others. This refers to respecting the choices of others as well as their boundaries much like how we would want others to respect our own. It is also being able to refrain from offering unsolicited advice. 

Mastery of the three principles creates a synergistic effect known as self-completeness, which is a freedom and serenity that we are all deserving of as we lead successful and happy lives without toxicity, co-dependency or unnecessary conflicts/incursions. This is something that I feel should be taught to all at a young age and practiced throughout our lives. I would very much like to encourage any readers to practice and preach this as everyone can benefit.

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