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Fight Like A Girl with Sifu Della O'Sullivan

I am very pleased to announce that I am working with Sifu Della O’Sullivan, who is an incredible martial artist. She is the Chief Instructor of the Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Association. I first met Della on a music video, Morning After with Shaodow, back in 2017.

Fight Like A Girl UK is an initiative developed and led by Della herself to help arm women with the physical and mental skills to defend themselves, teaching awareness as well as prevention. As someone who has been there and has had to use martial arts in real and life threatening situations, Della is resolved to spreading awareness to help as many women as possible. As a man, I feel it is absolutely essential to support such a cause, which I am passionate about (Read my article here) and am proud to be a male ally and her co-instructor.

With the help from The Rewind Group, Della and I will be releasing content soon to further this cause as well as teaming up with Nick from Aiki Budo Alliance to teach women’s self defence workshops. In addition to this, Della and I did an interview with Lucci from Kaizen Martial Arts Expo, where we will be teaching together at different martial arts events, such as the Japanese Martial Arts Show. Our first workshop together took place on Sunday 10 October 2021 in Wolverhampton with more to come.

Sifu Della is a martial artist I regard exceedingly highly; she is the real deal, from her extensive personal experience, skill set and teaching methods. She is in my opinion, one of the best martial artists out there and am proud to call her one of my closest friends. Having worked with Della on a couple filming days, I experienced first hand the efficacy of what she does and how she executes her movements with exceptional speed, laser precision, not to mention, extraordinary (and unexpected) power.

She has featured in multiple news outlets and channels, such as the BBC, ITV, The Sun, The Evening Standard, and Express & Star Wolverhampton to name a few and is also in the process of authoring a book, which I will provide a link once published.

In the meantime, I will be adding more to this page, so be sure to keep posted! If you're interested in booking a seminar with us, get in touch and we'll make it happen. Give us a follow on Instagram and check out our website:

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