Train With Me / Seminars

If you are interested in training with me, I am available for private tuition, 1 to 1 or small groups also. In addition to this, I also offer seminars and workshops on different aspects of Martial Arts, from self defence and awareness, women's self defence, performance psychology, competition prep, weapons to fight choreography to name a few, from beginner to advanced levels. I am a guest instructor at different Martial Arts schools across the UK. I have also taught members of the public services (armed forces, law enforcement, fire service and security operatives). 


I was formerly the performance / sports psychologist for the Saudi Falcons, the Saudi Arabian national TaeKwonDo team and am currently the psychologist for Titan TaeKwonDo Academy in London with Master Luke Robinson; as performance / sports psychology is an emerging and growing field, if this is something you or your school are interested in, please get in touch and I will work with you (and your team).

In 2021, I will be teaching a series of weapons seminars with the Aiki Budo Alliance. We are opting for weapons due to social distancing precautions, so there will be minimal to no contact as such measures are observed. Be sure to get in touch email Nick Ronin for bookings.

Please also be aware that seminars may get postponed or cancelled due to the current circumstances.

2021 Seminar Dates Below:


If you would like to work with or train with me, please do not hesitate to get in touch.