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The Wonton Warrior (2021)

I had the pleasure to work with director Aeddan Sussex and his crew, Dominika Besinska and Roan Lenihan on a short film called The Wonton Warrior, by Saffron Cherry TV for CBBC Snaps. This was an amazing 2 day shoot in January 2021 in Manchester, released on 14 April 2021 on BBC iPlayer, which is now available. Very grateful to work with Aeddan again as we previously worked on Chopsticks!! (2018) together.

I got to work with the awesome choreographer that is Wushu Champion, Samuel Mak as well as FenFen Huang and Fiona Luo. Huge thank you to Rima Sen, Hannah Wilkinson, Pippa Kinsey, Caroline Roberts-Cherry, Carol Cheng as well as Justin Windle from the Big Shed Studio. I'd also like to thank 'set bestie', Liv Daly!

Watch here on BBC iPlayer. Trailer below:

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