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The Complex Interactive (2020)

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I am very proud to announce the release of The Complex Interactive, which is an interactive video game in the form a feature film where the player is able to decide the outcomes. We filmed this in 2019 in Sandwich, Kent, where I play the character of Odi Kinwa.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, especially to work with the pioneering director, Paul Raschid. I also got the chance to work with my amazing fellow Kindarian Intruders, Charlie Baker and Jasmine Shen, whilst getting to work with the one and only, Kate Dickie! Huge thank you to Jade Alexander and Beau Fowler for referring and casting me.

This is now available for download on the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch (Click here for Switch America) and Steam. There are 9 alternate endings, so there is a lot of playability and different story arcs to explore. Do please check it out and enjoy!

Be sure to check out the trailer below:

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