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Take Me Out Season 8 Episode 9

Saturday 27th February & 5th March 2016 20:00


I was approached to audition by the casting crew for this TV Series, which is very popular here in the UK, airing on Saturday nights on ITV at 8pm. After successfully auditioning with a day of filming my lifestyle, I was to appear on the show with 3 other guys, who I still keep in touch with today. The whole experience was surreal, especially being the last on the show! I had a lot of fun and definitely picked the right girl, Trudy! Be sure to check out her page:


The next day after the show, I flew to the ‘Isle of Fernandos’ Tenerife with the other 3 guys who were also successful, where we all had our respective dates. Unfortunately, horse riding is now on the list of things I’m not particularly good at! Following the date, we also filmed an episode for the reality show, Take Me Out: The Gossip as well as the Reunion show that happened in January 2016. The whole experience was amazing and unforgettable.


The list of people I would like to thank is endless, but the following are the ones I would like to mention in particular:

  • My date, Trudy who is a wonderful and lovely individual; I definitely made the right choice!

  • My brother, Zhe for his unconditional support

  • The guys on my show, Louis, Patrick and Tom as well as their dates, Leanne, Lacey and Jodie for just being a great group of people to have spent this experience with; the 8 of us just got on so well with one another and made the whole time just incredible. Friends for life.

  • Carole, my former manager and my second mother for speaking to the casting crew about me!

  • Verity, for her continual support and encouragement before, during and after the show; her voice could be heard on my phone during the show before my date!

  • Paddy McGuinness, the host of the show for just being his awesome self!

  • Bruno De Oliveira for organising the logistics at SAE Institute with the ITV team for the entire shoot of my video for the show, along with Kaele, Joseph, Dzii and Ruben who featured in it!

  • Corban, the guy who advised on and sold the suit I wore on the date!

  • Bossman Richard who approved of my annual leave for this period and sent me supportive texts when I was away! 

  • Phil for covering my classes!

  • Shell, my former colleague who was the first person I spoke with about this!

  • All my friends who have supported me so much, specifically Andy, Benedict, Derek, Kirsty, Dave, Rach, Justin, Juliette, Interstellar, Zhe, Patrick, George, Jake, Georgia, Juntao, Maria, Jade, Jayde, Weyshan, Shanza, Antonia, Pete, Chen, Sammi, Tanya, Ali T, Kirstie L, Ania, Toby, Jerome, Dawn, Sid, Lars, Lauren, Craig, Anna, Jez and Lara

  • All my former college students, but specifically Rachel, Chloe, Jenny, Becky, Jacob, Lara, Daisha, Dushan, Sasha, Rachael, Courtney, Lewis, Justyna, Ieisha, Felicity, Rob, Connor and Dion

  • All the wonderful people who have since gotten in touch who have become wonderful friends, in particular, Kavita, Kerrie, Sue, Emily and Darren.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all of my friends, my former students at college, former colleagues and the production crew for their support.

The response from this show has been absolutely phenomenal; the comments on Facebook and especially Twitter have been so very positive! I even made the front cover of the Oxford Mail; check out the photo below!!! Thank you all so much! Be on the look out for 'John From Oxford' and don't be shy to say hi!!

Want to see the shows? Click on the following:

Full video below:

Very honoured to be on the front cover of the Oxford Mail!


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