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Spirit, Science & Interests

I am a spiritual individual, though there are many misconceptions with this word. I have no beliefs; I either know or I don’t know yet. Everything I know is from direct experiences unencumbered of analytical thoughts, which often create a filter of biases that influence the way we interpret reality. Reality can only be experienced through our senses and sensitivities. My spiritualism is therefore based on experience, objectivity and fact; I am an empiricist. 


I have a huge passion for and am a practitioner of meditation and spending time in Nature. When we strip away everything manmade, what remains is and always will be Nature. When we spend time in Nature unencumbered of analytical thoughts as well as sociocultural influences, we can learn to live in the present, whilst expanding our horizons exponentially. 


As such, one of my areas of interest is explaining spiritual occurrences scientifically, consciousness, helping others through meditative practices as well as investigating spiritual occurrences from scientific and empirical methods. Much of what is regarded to be 'supernatural' is in fact natural as it inherently exists in Nature. The only thing that is unnatural is man's limited understanding of Nature and the actions that ensue.  In addition to my meditative and spiritual practices, I am also a certified life coach as well as an ordained minister. Another area of scientific interest of mine is Subquantum Physics, which I regard to be a revolutionary methodology, which offers incredible insight into our universe as well as consciousness. 

*Edit* In addition to meditative and spiritual articles, I will be adding articles on other subjects that interest me, such as Neuroscience and how it can be applied to counselling, virtual reality, health and perhaps some metaphysical topics as well as current affairs, so stay tuned. 

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