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Short Films

Since the lockdown of 2020, I have been producing more short films with my good friend, award winning director, Govind Chandran with titles such as At The End of The Road and Scarlet. Gov wrote, produced with Olivia D'Lima (Casualty), 'Mr Mimoto' (2023), which I starred in alongside the exceptionally talented Noa Nikita Bleeker (Ted Lasso, 2023) and Kelsey Cooke (The Sandman, 2022). Currently, Mr Mimoto doing the festival runs, which has won a few awards already! I am very honoured to be the proud recipient of the Critics Choice Award for Best Actor from the Golden Lion International Film Festival! I'm so happy to see cast and crew nominated and awarded for their hard work. This is easily in my top 5 favourite productions to have worked on since I started in 2010! Huge thank you to an amazing crew: Gov (Writer, director, producer), Olivia (Producer), Jamie Laxton (Cinematography), Benjamin Doherty (Music), Sabrina Pedovani Theodoro (Production Design), Fran St Clair (Assistant Director), James Wakenell (Audio), Luke Holmes (Special Effects Coordinator), Grace Thornley and Elina Vagele (Assistant Camera), Lily-Ann Andan and Grace Parton (Production Assistants).

Be sure to check out the trailer here!

UK Film Review (2023)

Film Threat Review (2023)

Luminous Frames Review (2023)


Honoured to work with my friend, an amazing director, Daryn Castle again in 2019 on The Tip, which has won awards in LA and in Oxford. Check it out here:


I worked with director, Daryn Castle on Tick Tock (2018) alongside Natalie Simpson, Luca Alari-Williams and my co-star, Elise Hill. This 90 second short shows that everything can change in the blink of an eye. Hope you enjoy it!

Loved working with award winning directors, Patrick Ryder and Alex Brock who are true professionals in their field. From the process of making short films, they are able to create such a memorable and unforgettable experience for audience. I am immensely proud of my work with them both, especially our film, FLUX (2014), which has been shown at different film festivals, won numerous awards and has been aired on TV across the world. I am also very grateful to my friend and director, Mark Wickson who introduced us and helped to facilitate this to make it happen. 


I have had the pleasure of working with my old friends, Govind Chandran and Patrick Watremez  on a new series called Superclaims, where the Pilot Episode is now available on Amazon Prime, check it out here


Both Gov (Oxford Brookes University) and Patrick (SAE Institute) are film lecturers who I have worked with on numerous occasions. Superclaims is a very exciting project for us, which has received some very positive reviews as well as coverage from the press, who wrote a nice article for us hereI play a small cameo and am also the fight choreographer.

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