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Music Videos

I have done some work with music videos, one of which is my own, which you can watch here.  I have a couple of music videos in the pipeline, both featuring as an actor as well as a choreographer with upcoming artists. This is an exciting prospect, so be sure to watch this space!

I am very happy to announce the release of the music video, Angel (2019), I produced with my very good friend and director, Robert Bond for the band Foxy Mojo. This was filmed from a first person perspective, which was a lot of fun but challenging. I thoroughly enjoyed working with actress Mari Tregubova as well as choreographing the fight scene with my martial arts student, Marvin Wangwe who is also the camera operator for that scene.

On 30th April 2017, I worked with my old friend, Shaodow for a music video featuring Abiade shot by Flash Johnson. I have known Shaodow since 2007 from our university days; he is a very hardworking individual and am proud to see him enjoy so much success throughout his career. During this shoot, I had a fantastic time and got to meet some incredible people, especially Sifu Della O'Sullivan showcasing her Wing Chun skills like I had never seen before. Check it all out below (Stills by Hannah Anketell):

Interested in working with me? Click here and get in touch!

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