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Marvel Eternals (2021)


My biggest role to date, Marvel Eternals directed by Chloe Zhao. Back in 2019, I spent 3-4 months working on this production under the incredible stunt coordinator, Eunice Huthart, as a stunt double for one of my heroes and inspirations, Don Lee AKA Ma Dong Seok. Don Lee is one of the most inspirational actors I have ever worked with; I learned so much from him. This really was a dream come true.

I got to work with some phenomenal stunt performers such as Ashley Beck, Joe Kennard, Anton Simpson-Tidy, Talila Craig, Arie Dekker, Zoe Purdy, Chelsea Mathers, Tygorah Smith, Ace Ruele, Joe Paxton, Mike Lambert and Katie McDonnell. Having worked with her closely during my time on set, Katie is someone I regard to be one of the most remarkable athletes out there. This was the first time I worked with wires, though I was supported by an incredible team, with Leos Stransky, David Fisher, Peter Robinson, Andy Wareham, Titch, Jan Holicek, Willie Ramsay, Aldonio Danny Frietas, Dan Rawlins, Elliot Hawkes and of course, David Higgins. All of which, I am exceptionally grateful to, especially Eunice for the opportunity. I would also very much like to thank Maddie Hance whose organisational skills are second to none! Of course, a special shout out to Kyuseo Kim. Special thanks goes to Bare Arms. Lastly, I'd like to thank Amber Rose Smith for absolutely everything.

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