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Combat Training with Martha Niklas (2020)

I have helped to coach actors and stunt performers in terms of combat skills. Check out the reel above; this one, I must say, I am exceedingly proud of and absolutely deserves a page of its own. 


Introducing the very talented Martha Niklas, an exceptional actress I had the pleasure of working with on Humanity, which is a TV Series set during lockdown 2020 to be released soon. Her list of credits include ITV's The Bay, Hymns of Abarise - Megan as well as commercials for John Frieda Hair.

More recently, Martha and I have been working together on martial arts training in order to add a new dimension of action genres to her already versatile and diverse skill set. 

We shot at locations such as forests, underpasses and car parks for a range of different scenarios and martial arts movements.

Special thanks goes to multi-award winning filmmaker, Govind Chandran and James Wakenell who helped to shoot and edit the final cut. I would also like to thank the award winning composer Benjamin Doherty for the soundtrack.

From my perspective, I was overly impressed with Martha's meticulous attention to detail, passion and skill, which were second to none, to execute very difficult movements. She performed exceptionally well and went above and beyond with her performance, especially considering that this was her first time doing any sort of martial arts training, which shows the versatility and adaptability as a multifaceted individual. The showreel reveals Martha's skill and talents as an actress for roles she will undoubtedly be able to breathe to life with her professionalism and drive. Needless to say, I'm very proud of her. Check out some of the stills:

Want to follow Martha's journey?

Her details are below, including her YouTube comedy channel, Less Known Lass.

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