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Screenfighting Workshops for Actors

As I have been involved with different stages of fight choreography, I am offering workshops to actors or stunt / action performers who would like to learn a style-free approach to choreographed movements and sequences. Additionally, I am a regular guest instructor at Stepping Stones Performing Arts.


Each student will learn a variety of techniques that will enable them to inject their own creativity and personality within. What will also be taught in these sessions is camera angles, selling the movements to make them convincing, which will include psychological and anatomical aspects. Further to this, participants will be in a position to create their own sequences taking a certain level of realism into account. So do you need to have a Martial Arts background? Not necessarily; I have worked with Martial Artists who were not good actors and have worked with actors who pulled off the sequences better than the Martial Artists themselves and looked fantastic on screen. Each choreography workshop can be tailored towards different types of genre of films from fantasy through to action.


I am also available to act as a consultant for any project you may have at any stage of production. For a fight scene to have full effect, it is important for the audience to get to know the characters intimately and care for them in order to feel each punch. For this to happen, the story needs to be solid. Therefore, good fight scenes, regardless of how well choreographed, cannot save a bad film, so it is all about the story first in addition to a well written script.

My style-free approach to Martial Arts will provide a creative, refreshing and original look for your film that will be unique to what you currently see. 

Check out the videos below for a short preview of one of my introductory screenfighting workshops. If you are interested and would like to get involved, click here and get in touch!

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